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The mesothelioma research program at Princess Margaret Hospital/University Health Network includes a number of inter-related projects, including the following highlighted below. Please see program progress report for further information (attach here for download).

  1. Rapid assessment and management program: Patients with pulmonary problems related to asbestos undergo a complete assessment in one day. The program is accessible to all patients with lung problems and previous asbestos exposure by direct referral from family doctors or occupational health clinics.
  2. Early detection project: Designed to detect mesothelioma and lung cancer at an early stage using low dose computed tomography. Targets individuals with no symptoms but with a history of exposure to asbestos. Blood samples are taken for use in associated studies aimed at the early detection of Mesothelioma. 
  3. Interventional thoracic surgery program: A new program centred around the Interventional Thoracic Surgery Suite (ITSS), a state-of-the-art hybrid endoscopy/surgical suite. The ITSS helps fast track patients referred to the mesothelioma research program through nodal staging with a minimally invasive approach using endobronchial ultrasound. 
  4. Clinical trials: See following links for further information:
    1. Tri-modality treatment trial
    2. Radiation therapy trial
    3. Opening soon: An immunotherapy trial using personalized cell therapy.

Type of organisation: non-profit, hospital

Contact for further information:

Fatemeh Zaeimi
Clinical Research Coordinator
200 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON M5G 2C4
Phone: 416-340-5686

Date last updated:  Feb 1 2018