What do the Hon. Bob Rae, ‘Love It or List It’s Hilary Farr and The Globe and Mail’s Tavia Grant have in common?

For Immediate Release: September 13, 2016

What do the Hon. Bob Rae, ‘Love It or List It’s Hilary Farr and The Globe and Mail’s Tavia Grant have in common?
Asbestos. They will all be at the fundraiser for the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation on Sunday, September 18. Mesothelioma is a de vastating disease almost exclusively caused by exposure to asbestos. Asbestos-related diseases are the number one cause of death in the workplace.

Bob Rae will be honoured at this event for his leadership in ensuring mesothelioma was recognized as a workplace illness. Investigative reporter, Tavia Grant, will be honoured for her groundbreaking features in the Globe and Mail on the devastation caused by exposure to asbestos in Canada. Love It or List It’s Hilary Farr, a longtime committed supporter, is the celebrity host for the fundraising gala on Sunday, September 18, at 6:30 p.m. at the Canvas Event Space, 1381 Castlefield Avenue.

Wasn’t asbestos banned in Canada years ago?
Asbestos mines are now closed in Canada and asbestos is no longer used in Canadian-made products but Canadians are still being exposed to asbestos.

How are Canadians being exposed to asbestos then?
Asbestos was considered a miracle mineral and used widely in construction. It was even used in Christmas ornaments and children’s crayons. The problem with asbestos is that it doesn’t just go away. It is in old buildings – older homes, aging schools, government buildings, aging office buildings, etc. And there is no registry of where the asbestos is. Canada continues to import asbestos in such things as brake linings, in pipes for construction and other items. Trades people continue to be exposed to asbestos on the job.

There is no safe level of exposure. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a commitment to move forward on banning asbestos. He also promised action on a national registry of all federal buildings with asbestos. “We know that its impact on workers far outweighs any benefits that it might provide,” Trudeau, May 10, 2016, Globe and Mail.
The Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation is a registered charity devoted to raising awareness and understanding of mesothelioma. We provide support to those diagnosed with the disease and their families and we also give medical training grants. Please visit the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation website for more information.

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