About the Network

The Network brings experts in mesothelioma together to share knowledge and to provide an educational forum for front-line health-care workers. Members are clinicians, researchers, and frontline healthcare practitioners who self-identify that they have expertise in mesothelioma and an interest in the activities of the Network.

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Why we created the Network

We have often heard from patients and families across Canada that they have no idea where to turn for treatment or that they have experienced long delays in either determining their diagnosis or accessing treatment. To address this, we have created the Mesothelioma Health Network. Our vision is that Canadians with mesothelioma and those at risk will have the best possible outcomes through improved access to diagnostic expertise and through the effective sharing of information.

Objectives of the Network

  • Foster information exchange, sharing of expertise, peer support
  • Advance knowledge, influence practice, build capacity
  • Develop innovative tools and education/training opportunities
  • Improve patient access to academic clinical trials
  • Create opportunities for new clinical trials
  • Inform efforts to develop evidence-based policy and practice

How the Network operates

The Network is a voluntary organization without any fees. A scientific advisory committee provides guidance and strategic oversight to the Network. Day-to-day operation of the Network is administered by a project coordinator, working on contract with the CMF.

Meet our Members

Organizational Members

The Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment (CANE)

Individual Members

The Member Directory provides a list of current members, including a brief profile and contact information. Access to the membership directory is available only to registered members of the Mesothelioma Health Network.

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